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Western PA Meme: What (blank) thinks we (blank) format

So here’s the meme, let’s go box by box if you really feel the need to have this spelled out for you.

  1. From my perspective it seems the Steelers are pretty much all anyone knows about Pittsburgh. Or they have this 1930s, kids in coal mines, pre-FDR, the air is brown type of take on it. People from Pittsburgh, and I, would think this inaccurate. Pittsburgh is actually better than your city.
  2. People from the eastern half of the state think we’re just a better version of West Virginia. Not true, they only think that because they’re a worse version of NY. Go to hell NY, that was not a compliment.
  3. Oh I wish I lived during those days. Where everyone was in a union. Even Republicans liked unions. Factories, bars, that life is disappearing. Guys with hardhats complaining about Reagan. Sigh… Luckily though, unlike other rust belt cities we’re replacing it with other things rather than falling into a black hole.
  4. This is just what I’ve gotten from going abroad or talking to international students. Penn State is for whatever reason very well known and highly regarded abroad. Don’t get me wrong, it is one of the best schools but it’s got name recognition as good or better than any university in the US, including a Harvard or Yale. We get confused with Transylvania sometimes, we’re not the place with the vampires gang, way off. And also the liberty bell, nobody from PA gives a sh*t about the liberty bell. Honestly, never seen it. As far as I know we might have lost it. I don’t know, we just don’t really care about the thing, doesn’t come up in conversation.
  5. Every person who attended college in Pittsburgh from the mid-2000s to the early 2010s will swear to you they smoked a blunt with Wiz Khalifa. West PA sees itself as a lot of young go-hards trapped in an area that is trying to find its purpose again. Not only are we cool, we’re so cool you don’t even know it yet. Thank kind of thing.
  6. It’s mostly just boring activities. Drinking and playing cornhole, bowling (ya, I know BL was set in LA but bowling alleys are the same everywhere). Just like everyone, we’re just stuck in a routine, living a life, hanging out.


by Zack Goncz

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