This is a blog dedicated to politics, pop culture, and humor. Articles will be published on a regular basis. Each post will likely be at least 500 words. We intend to put out articles, not just posts. There are many great blogs with short posts, this is not one of them. However, the articles will be no longer than they need to be, no sense in indulging yourself at the risk of the reader. We know you have important things. So come back and check in regularly. Any comments, concerns, or potential contributors should send a message or comment in the box below. No doubt this will grow and evolve in the days ahead. Follow us and we’ll follow you. Share like your hair is on fire … and you have to barter for water. Thanks for stopping by.

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Zack G can be contacted at zag10255@gmail or with @ZackGo55

P.S. if you’re interested in beta-reading a novel called “Interview With a Turtle” email me or comment below.

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