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VIDEO: Inside the Trump Campaign HQ after Disturbing Leaked Audio


Audio of (somehow) Presidential candidate Donald Trump bragging to Billy Bush of Access Hollywood about his sexual assault skills on a hot mic has been leaked. If you can stomach it, the video below followed by the Trump camp’s reaction.

It was first reported by the Washington Post. Here is the disturbing audio:

After last week’s debate performance against Hillary Clinton, widely regarded as one of the most lopsided debate failures since they began polling, took a significant toll on Donald Trump’s poll numbers, particularly among independents and women, this was the last thing the reeling Trump campaign needed.

Many wonder how a candidate could possibly recover from such a terrible couple of weeks. We’ve obtained  exclusive footage from inside the Trump campaign.

Here it is. Live from inside Trump campaign HQ:

Unnamed sources within the Trump campaign describe the scene as “karma’s ground zero”, “an explosion of wailing regret”, and “I’m going to go buy drugs. I might be back. I might not. Does it even matter?”

One beleaguered spokesperson said, crouching against the wall, covered in debris, cigarette in his shaking hand, “Donald Trump for President. It sounds so fucking stupid now that I actually say it out loud.”

by Zack Goncz

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